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1. It is a safe practice to transport a loaded firearm on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) as long as the safety is on.


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2. When two hunters are crossing an obstacle such as a fence:


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3. A safe “zone of fire” is:


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4. The first step when raising your firearm into a tree stand is:


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5. The carry method that offers the best control of your firearm is:


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6. If you should stumble or fall while carrying a firearm:


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7. When crossing a fence with a firearm, the first step is always to unload your firearm and leave the action open.


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8. Would you consider it a safe or unsafe situation to shoot at game in this figure?



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9. The use of alcohol or drugs impairs which of the body’s abilities listed below?


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10. The main reason for wearing hunter orange clothing while hunting is to:


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